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Vampire Facelift (PRP Facelift)

vampire facelift in navi mumbaiIn a very innovative technique, the world of cosmetic treatment has come up with an interesting method. As per this method, growth factors derived from a person’s platelets are injected back in his facial skin at specifically defined areas, in order to enhance his appearance and health. This method, for its unique mechanism is called as Vampire Facelift. The injected platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) is extracted from the acquired blood sample. This process is used to treat ‘Smile Lines’, unwanted folds and wrinkles on the face. This method is similar to dermal fillers like Restylane and juvederm, However, PRFM does not involve injection of foreign substance into the skin unlike the latter treatments and hence rules out any possibility of rare yet serious allergies.

Details of the Procedure
  • After removing blood from patient’s arm, it is centrifuged to segregate the platelets from other blood components.
  • The platelets are then activated to form the PRFM.
  • This acquired PRFM is then injected back in the patient’s face in specific areas. This injected spots define the Vampire Facelift area.
  • This triggers growth of new collage, skin tissue and blood vessels around the injected site.
  • This activity leverages the skin away from the bone and adds volume to it. This helps in shaping the face and adds an appeal to the face.
  • This improvement continues for around 12 months and sustains as long as 15 months.
Scientific Basis

The Vampire Facelift process is based on the functioning of platelets and Dr. Runels’ idea to improve the shape of the face. Growth factors secreted by platelets are embedded in a gel like material called as ‘Matrix’ for the healing process to begin. If the matrix is not segregated from the rest blood components, they would be of little use as an integrated blood substance. As a unit, the matrix develops themselves into new tissues to repair the damage ones. Because of their self generating capability, the body redevelops the necessary healthy tissues. Since there is no injury, the newly generated tissues help to get a ‘new’ and ‘radiant’ appearance.