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Reconstructive Hand Surgery

reconstructive hand surgery in navi mumbaiBecause of some serious accident, mishap or disease, the structure of hand may get deformed or it ceases to function naturally. In such a situation, Reconstructive Hand Surgery is a helping hand in true sense. The surgery can involve reconstructing, repairing or replacing various parts of the hand which includes bones, joints, muscles and tendons among few others. As said above, traumatic injuries like crushed part, deformity and extensive burns need to be dealt in a surgical way.

While dislocations and fractures are treated in a non-surgical way, nerves and tendon repair usually involves surgical measures. However, prior to be operated, surgeons try to implement non-surgical methods for treatment. Reconstructive hand surgery also includes reconstruction of skin, muscle, bones or nerve rejuvenation. Reconstructive surgeries are generally conducted during childhood of the patient itself so as to avoid permanent deformities. This also helps in normal development of the reconstructed part. Some of the deformities that require reconstructive surgery are missing of a finger or having an abnormal extra one, a short, curved or even deformed finger digit. There have been many cases when an arthritis patient has been cured with reconstructive surgery.

Treatment of infection or tumor as well has been done with this surgical procedure. Sports injuries occurring to hand or wrist or arm can also be treated and cured with surgical reconstructive hand surgery. The complexities of reconstructive hand surgery can vary from the more common procedure of carpal tunnel release to the more complex procedures of limb reattachment or tumor removal. Most reconstructive hand surgery is done on an outpatient basis under a local or a general anesthesia. Physical therapy is often a significant part of the recovery process. Reconstructive hand surgery recovery time may vary depending on the nature of the injury. A well-trained reconstructive hand plastic surgeon will discuss recovery time, risks and complications, and the expected results of reconstructive hand surgery with you prior to the procedure.