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Dimple Creation Surgery

dimple creation surgery in navi mumbaiIf you have envied your best friend for having those charming dimples or if you wished for those smiling inverted commas between your lips, a simple surgical process is all you need to get those pair of dimples. Dimple creation surgery can actually trigger the naturally occurring process. In this process, a small incision is made on the inside of the cheek. A small component of an absorbable suture is facilitated. This suture catches the under surface of the skin. The spot where the suture catches the skin is precisely the location where the patient wants to have dimples. Once the suture is tied, that’s where the dimples form on the cheeks. This surgery can be performed on any type of facial structure. All the patient needs to do is tell the surgeon where exactly he needs his/her dimples.

One of the interesting things about dimple surgery is that it is not only safe, sound and effective, but it can also be reversed. If the patient is not happy with the outcome of the surgery, he has an option of undoing the surgery. Since it is a facial surgery, minor problems such as swelling and bruising occur after the surgery. However, the side effects last only few days. Once the pain subsides, the patient can get back to his/her normal routine. Now-a-days, one can also amplify his/her features by having a dimple on chin. The process remains the same for dimples on cheek or chin.