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Fat Injection (Autologous Fat Transplantation)

fat injection (autologous fat transplantation) in navi mumbaiFat injection or autologous fat transplantation has quite a few derivatives in cosmetic surgery. Fat grafting means harvesting fat from one part of body, purifying it and then injecting it into areas requiring augmentation. Such fat transfers help reshape the face, get rid of various marks and stretches, and enhance feature specific aspects like cheeks lips and chin. Fat injections require intrinsic maintenance as it is not a permanent modification.

Abdomen or thighs are usually the donor areas from where fat is grafted. Fat collection is facilitated by injecting intravenous fluids at the donor site. Once singled out, the fat cells are extracted with a small needle. After processing to remove the spillovers, the fat cells are re-injected in the desired area. In order to have a sustained result, patient generally receives 3 to 4 treatments over a period of six months. Longevity of results can vary significantly from patient to patient. Swelling, which is commonly seen after fat injection, usually resolves within 2-3 weeks. The degree of swelling is most dependent on the area injected. Patient should avoid getting in the sun until the condition subsides.