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Botox Treatment & Surgery

botox treatment in navi mumbaiIn recent years, thanks to advancement in technology and subsequently in the capabilities of cosmetic surgeons, treatment methods like botox, laser surgery and dermabrasions have become one of the widely available and feasible cosmetic procedures. Let’s take a look at some of the very popular cosmetic methods to maintain and improve your skin health.


Botox is an important treatment method when it comes to relaxation of specific body muscles. A small amount of Botox in diluted form is injected in the target area. The injection causes a controlled weakening of those muscles. Now that the muscles have weakened, they can no longer contract, thereby causing skin issues like wrinkles to relax. Botox is generally used on facial muscles to treat with forehead lines, crow’s feet and the frown lines.

Botox treatment comes with a lot of care in its follow through. Usually a period of three to seven days is all it takes for the botox to show its full effect. During this process, side effects like temporary bruising or eyelid drooping may happen. Such side effects resolve in a period of three weeks. However, patient must take care that the treated area shouldn’t be rubbed for 12 hours.