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Genioplasty - Chin & Cheeks Augmentation

genioplasty chin cheeks augmentation in navi mumbaiChin augmentation, also known as genioplasty or mentoplasty, are undertaken to increase the prominence of chin on the face. It also helps in redefining the jaw line and brings in more balance to the facial features. Usually, genioplasty is conducted in two different ways. One method is by placing an incision inside the mouth.

This requires readjusting the chin bone. Another way by which genioplasty is conducted is by inserting an implant. In this technique, the implant is placed inside the mouth and under the chin and involves a post-surgery scar. However, the scar is faint and is barely visible underneath the chin.

In order to give proper time for the chin to heal and put the implant in regulation, patient is advised to follow liquid diet for a day or two. To further facilitate the healing process, the area is properly bandaged and taped. In a similar fashion, cheekbones too are augmented or lifted by placing an implant over them. In this case, the incisions happen from inside the mouth. After a chin or cheek augmentation, you will most likely be up and about the same day as surgery and back to work within one or two weeks.