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Ultrasonic Liposuction or U Lipo

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If you are struggling with fat issues such as love handles, or excessive fat at lower abdomen or even at the thigh region, look no beyond than Ultrasonic Liposuction. One of the best techniques to bring back the desired shape of your body, this liposuction method is helpful in pain areas such as stomach, hips, upper arms and abdomen. Benefits of non-invasive, nonsurgical Liposuction Exhaustive weight loss programs may help loose pounds of weight, but often leave visible sagging fat at evident areas. This is when ultrasonic liposuction plays a vital role. The reason why many people opt for liposuction is its endless benefits.

Some of the obvious benefits are as follows:
  • Reduced body fat
  • Better body shape
  • Renovated self-confidence
  • No fear of body shaming
  • Feeling that your body is now in proportion

The ultrasonic liposuction is a smart procedure which is non surgical in nature and yet high on technological front, yielding exceptional results to the patients. The devices used in the treatment procedure emit extremely powerful ultrasounds of high frequency. This ultrasound is targeted on the fat of area concerned. This targeting results in breaking of the fat membranes of the cells. Since the ultrasounds are targeted at the focused fat area, any scope of skin damage or related side effects. One can observe striking results in a period of 4-6 sessions. In order to achieve so, however, the patient has to follow a strict dietary and lifetime regime which includes low on carbohydrate diet, drinking lots of water as well as doing regular work out.

The number of sessions depends upon the total body area needed to be treated. Generally, one procedure helps to treat around one pound r 1.5 inches of the area concerned. Likewise, one course usually takes anywhere between 6 to 20 sessions for one area of the body. Ultrasonic liposuction can be carried out on both men and women equally. Remember that it is not a weight loss programme. It is simply a way to get rid of excessive or unwanted fat deposits on the body.

Procedure of the Treatment

When one undertakes ultrasound liposuction treatment, the ultrasound targets the fat cells to break down, thus damaging their generation process. Thus, this liposuction method yields permanent results. The period of time required for body shaping in the liposuction can be reduced further by voluntarily involving in activities like jogging, running, walking, cutting off junk food and several other activities.

Decomposition of Fat

Like our normal biological functioning, the fat dissolved from the area affected gets deposited in the liver. Some of it is broken down for body energy generation, while other remains stored in the liver. However, this time the stored fats get evenly distributed in the body and not just on couple of body parts.