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Rhinoplasty - Nose Job

rhinoplasty - nose job in navi mumbaiSetting a trend in itself, Rhinoplasty or popularly known as nose job is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries. Since so many celebrities across the globe have gone under the knife for reshaping their nose, Rhinoplasty is a process that has caught attention of the younger age group. Not all are blessed with the best of faial features. And if the wronged feature is something as prominent as a nose, it not only affects the overall appearance but also the psychology of the person concerned. On the other hand, a nose structure that compliments your lips and chin adds to your beauty quotient.

Nose has classified three parts – upper fixed root, middle dorsum or bridge and lower moveable lobule or tip. A perfect nose is the one that has all these three parts in proportionate measure. All these parts of nose can be subjected to modification, minor or major. This is the very reason why a defective or misproportionate lips can be adjusted and help restore the lost confidence. Other issues like breathing problem can also be resolved with the septorhinoplasty.

Nose surgery is more than useful if you suffice most of the following conditions:

  • If the patient is more than 13 year old and has completed his/her facial growth
  • Physical health is good
  • No smoking habit
  • Staging pragmatic goals and results to improve one’s appearance.