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microdermabrasion in navi mumbaiAn exciting innovative cosmetic technique, Microdermabrasion has caught eye of many around the world as a seamless technique to remove the topmost layer of skin. The process removes the dead skin saturated on the top most layer of the skin and leaves a smooth, shiny, hydrated skin. The hydrating fluid infused in the skin during Microdermabrasion leverages deep skin tissue as well as collagen rejuvenation for the desired result.

The procedure also minimizes wrinkles, sun damage, age spots during the process. Dry skin in the region of neck, legs and hands are also targeted during this process. Microdermabrasion is a very patient friendly procedure. One sitting of the procedure takes around thirty minutes. Notable results are observed after just one sitting. However, best results with consistency are observed after at least 5 treatment sittings.

In the mechanism of this process, for resurfacing of the skin, special equipment that scatters abrasive crystals through a hand piece are used. The hand piece is passed back and forth above the skin, thereby scrapping the top layer. Along with the crystal emitter, the hand piece creates a vacuum that eliminates the used crystals and the exfoliated dead skin. The crystals as well as the vacuum suction both are an important part of the procedure since they provide skin polishing and promotion of blood circulation and collagen production respectively.

What can Microdermabrasion treat?

Microdermabrasion is effective in rejuvenating skin health and is ideal treatment for:

  • Complete removal of blackheads & whiteheads
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation
  • Minimizes acne scars
  • Minimizes aging fine lines
  • Reduces age spots
  • Treats sun damaged skin

Regular skin care after microdermabrasion will only help to extend the effects of the treatment procedure. One of the biggest advantages of microdermabrasion is that it has zero recovery time.