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Face Lift Surgery (Rhytidectomy)

face lift rhytidectomy in navi mumbai A facelift procedure is one of the most preferred treatments to treat sagging skin on face and neck. By making the skin in the above mentioned areas firmer and fresher, facelift process actually removes a lot of years off the patient’s face to make his/her skin look radiant and vibrant all over again. During this procedure, the surgeon performs incisions that are strategically placed in the hairline or within the normal lines and creases around the ear so as to hide it as much as possible. If necessary, fatty deposits beneath the skin are removed in order to tighten the sagging muscles. The excess of slack in the skin is eventually removed to make the skin firmer. For those with less amount of excessive skin, endoscopic facelift is the perfect solution.

The surgeon smoothen the skin and tightens the muscles using an endoscope. Incisions used in the endoscopic method are very small and are comfortable concealed. Skin discoloration for a brief period, tightness or numbness in face and neck region are some of the common side effects that follow after facelift process. It will take several months to show optimal results and hence the patient needs to be calm and composed about it. In order to have best results, it is important to protect your skin from sun by applying sun block and various similar methods.