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Adult Derived Stem Cell Therapy as a Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatment

adult derived stem cell therapy for hairloss treatment in navi mumbai

Regeneration Medicine & Non-Surgical Hair Restoration with Adult Stem cells

Considered to be a treatment therapy of very advance level, Adult Derived Stem Cell therapy has rose in stature and credibility over the period of time. In one of its kind of treatment method, the fat cells of the patient from different parts of the body are collected and processed during the execution of ADSC therapy.

The success of using stem cells from different parts of the body has further pushed the validity of the process for hair loss treatment. The successful extraction of stem cells from bone marrow, umbilical cord cells, as well as fat and skin cells has only consolidated the usage of this method for hair treatment.

Stem cells are nothing but a group of cells present in multicellular organisms which is capable of multiplying and regenerating exponentially to duplicate itself with same physiological features. These stem cells have proven to be more than useful for treating hair loss in men and women alike. These stem cells are present in various parts of the body. Out of them one or two parts are selected to import the cells. The cells are then injected in the scalp where they regenerate themselves and stimulate the process of hair growth all over again.

Critical Procedure for Rich Rewards

Adult Derived Stem Cells process works equally well on male as well as female patients. The entire ADSC therapy is conducted in a supervised condition, which is at a clinic or hospital. Generally, hip or abdomen regions are used to extract the fat cells. The extracted fat cells are then processed to segregate stem cells out of them. The separated stem cells are then injected in the scalp of the patient. The results yielded by ADSC therapy are assured and satisfactory.