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Fat Freezing (Cryolipolysis) / Coolsculpting

fat freezing cryolipolysis in navi mumbaiGet ready to get that extra flesh off your back, love handles and even butt in a ‘freezing’ way. Yes, you read it right, the freezing way! With Cryogenic lipo, the entire procedure of liposuction has been truly redefined. Cryopolysis or fat freezing is also well known with some other nomenclature such as Ice Liposution, Cryolipo and even Cryogenic Lipolysis. Unlike other non surgical treatment methods to lose fats, Cryolipolysis stands out in the crowd. In this process, the fat cells are first targetted and then systematically cooled to a coltrolled temperature in the tarfetted treatment area. Because of this, the fat cells in the area clots, eventually crystallising and then dying off over the course of the process. This dying of fat cells, known as ‘Apoptosis’ is stimulated during the fat freezing process. Apoptisis helps in reducing the thickness of the fat on the body.

The destroyed cells during Apoptosis are internally processed and are gradually taken out of the body via lymphatic system.

Experts around the world hold Cryolipolysis in extremely high regard. The process is touted to be the non surgical option to the liposuction. Thanks to its multiple advantages such as non invasion, short treatment sessions and relatively faster recovery, many well known celebrities have opted for this treatment. Among its other advantages also includes no side effects of treatments like swelling, evident pain or discomfort and zero downtime.

Results of Cryolipolysis are evidently visible by the second week of the treatment. However, a period of about four months is required to see the full effects of the fat freezing process.

So if you are reluctant to liposuction because of its surgical nature, or doesn’t want yourself to be involved in long, discomforting treatment sessions and actually want to ‘enjoy’ the body reshaping process, Cryolipolysis or Fat Freezing method is just the tailor made process for you.