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Lip Surgery

lip surgery - lip agumentation or reduction surgery in navi mumbai Some people are blessed with perfectly shaped lips while some are not at all happy with theirs. With a simple lip reduction surgery, you can get your lips fixed the way you want and feel more comfortable than ever about your appearance. An incision surgery which takes about one hour for the procedure, the duration to heal the incision is about two weeks. The surgery is performed by making an incision in the length of the lip inside the mouth. A strip of skin is removed from one or both the lips, subject to the request of the look patient wants. While doing so, the surgeon takes extra care to enhance the patient’s mouth and lips in such a way that they complement the facial features.

After the surgery, patient might experience swelling or bruising. However, it’s a normal phenomenon for few days after which the pain and swelling subdues. Usually, it takes around 3 months for the result to reflect on patient’s face. Experts suggest that patient must refrain from any kind of contact sport for six to eight weeks so as to give the lip reduction surgery some time to settle on to the human body.