Anti Ageing Skin Treatments that Doctors Suggests

Some day we all will grow old, but the approach of growing older gracefully is a worthy one. Many people would do as many things as possible to minimize the overall ageing process. From all the natural home remedies to creams containing chemical components, We all are guilty of doing experiments on our skin. Too much experimenting on the skin, especially undergoing several cosmetic treatments can cause the skin to become hypersensitive, hence doing more harm than good. 

We here are listing down few anti-ageing treatments that even Cosmetologist & plastic surgeons recommend.


Microdermabrasion spontaneously improves skin surface by actually removing dry flaked skin, boils from captured oil & sun-damage spots. It generally softens out the skin making it look younger.

microdermabrasion - anti ageing skin treatment

In microdermabrasion textured metal rod peels & scrapes up skin cells, vacuuming them away. It can be thought of as an advanced skin facial scrubbing procedure, performed by the expert with advanced types of equipment. There is minimal pain factor in this skin anti-ageing treatment. Before opting for microdermabrasion it’s important to learn about the overall microdermabrasion procedure and plan it thoroughly with your cosmetologist.

Thread Lift

Thread Face Lift Procedure - anti ageing skin treatment
Thread Face Lift Procedure

A thread facelift is a reliable, comfortable alternative to traditional facelift surgical operation. Designed to be minimally invasive, it can diminish sagging around the cheeks, jawline & neck quickly and with less risk as compared to the traditional method. Special threads are utilised for a thread facelift to discreetly preserve repositioned skin and facial tissue in location after surgical operation.

Botox Filler

With advancing technology, new skin resurfacing or tightening treatments may come but botox has been the most preferred treatment by many when it comes to reducing dynamic wrinkles that occur with movement. Botox is generally used on facial muscles to treat with forehead lines, crow’s feet and the frown lines.

botox filler or injection injecting botox in forehead - anti ageing skin treatment
Botox injections

small amount of Botox in diluted form is injected in the target area. The injection causes a controlled weakening of those muscles. Now that the muscles have weakened, they can no longer contract, thereby causing skin issues like wrinkles to relax

PRP Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is thick blood plasma that incorporates approximately 3 times the amount of platelets located in circulating blood. PRP is a facial rejuvenation treatment that makes use of own plasma to stimulate collagen production & cellular migration, assisting in the removal of traces, folds & wrinkles.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) anti ageing screen treatment

PRP skin treatments also termed as vampire facelift, provide a more natural look & last for as long as 2 years. People who are conscious about their skin, not ideal or don’t prefer injectable fillers, can always opt for PRP skin treatment owing to its benefits & no risk of an allergic reaction. PRP is minimally invasive anti ageing skin treatment and so recovery time is less.

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