Everything you need to know about Dermoid cyst

Dermoid cysts are fluid or pus containing closed sacs that form in or on the skin. They occur mostly on the face, scalp or upper chest.
Dermoid cysts are mostly present at birth. But it may be years before you notice it because they grow slowly. Dermoid cysts do not go away on their own. They may get bigger with time or become infected. It is easier to remove cysts and prevent scars before the cyst gets infected. 

Why a dermoid cyst occur?

A dermoid cyst is a congenital defect (present from birth) that occurs during embryonic development when the skin layers do not properly grow together. A dermoid cyst is lined with epithelium, which contains tissues and cells normally present in skin layers, including hair follicles, sebaceous (skin oil), and sweat glands. These glands and tissues secrete their normal substances which collect inside the cyst, causing it to grow and enlarge.

Symptoms of Dermoid Cyst

Every child experiences the symptoms differently.
The following are the most common symptoms of a dermoid cyst

  • A small, often painless, lump in the mid-line of the neck (in which the skin over the lump can easily be moved).
  • The lump may be skin-colored or may have a slight yellow tinge.
    The symptoms of a dermoid cyst may resemble other neck masses or medical problems.

Surgical Treatment of Dermoid Cyst in Mumbai

Dermoid cyst removal surgery also called Dermoid Cyst ablation is a minimally-invasive procedure.

  • A small needle and plastic sleeve enter the dermoid cyst.
  • The cyst is killed (ablated) within the body.
  • The body’s own “cleanup” mechanisms then remove the dead dermoid cyst cells during healing.
  • The result leaves a very small scar the size of a freckle which gets becomes nearly invisible with time.

Case Study: Dermoid Cyst Surgical Removal

  • Dermoid cyst of nose(5 Years old girl)
  • Problem since birth.
  • The lump was neglected by family considering a minor issue.
  • Got infected growing up.
  • Operated by 2 mm key hole incision after proper counselling,
  • Recovered Without any complications, No scar visible.

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