Nano-Fat Grafting Treatment for Acne, Scar and Skin Glow

Acne and Scars are the two most annoying things that act against the beauty of a very pretty face. A very beautiful face sometimes can look ugly because of the acne and scars. This also results in low self-esteem or lack of confidence. Nano-Fat Grafting can be used to fix these problems and can give a natural glow to a face.

Nano-fat is a processed fat taken out of a human body. This fat tissue is then processed into liquid and can be used to treat acne and scars.

What is  Nano-fat Grafting?

Fat is taken from a person body that can later be used to give a facelift to the same person. This process is called as nano-fat Grafting. These fats can also be used in other cosmetic procedures like Breast Enhancement.

Why Nano-fat Grafting?

This procedure is much easier, a full facelift. This is also very safer and cheaper. And because a surgeon uses the patient’s own fat, it can have a much longer and more natural-looking effect than other fillers. It’s can be used to restore volume and contours to cheeks, chin, and can also add volume to the lips.

Nano-Fat Grafting Treatment for Acne, Scar

Fat grafting is a more natural way to replace the lost volume of the face due to acne and scars. As compare to fillers that are usually not permanent but fat grafting can last longer. There is no risk of allergy or rejection, which is most important, as the filled-up space gets the same fats that were taken from the same body.

According to patients who have gone through this procedure, the entire procedure (including the liposuction) is generally easy and low downtime procedure with amazing, natural, long-lasting results.

An average preparation yields about 1 ml of nano-fat per 10 ml of lipoaspirate. It is constituted of a substantial concentration of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells, with excellent proliferation and differentiation capabilities. It is hypothesized that the improved outcomes are due to increased collagen production and remodeling that are triggered by the grafted stem cells. They play a supportive role for the fats cells in the injected and later aid in new blood vessel formation in that area.

The results show that nano fat grafting softened the scars, made discolorations less pronounced, and wrinkles appeared less prominent. Thus giving a complete facelift.

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