How to Identify a Real Plastic Surgeon in India

Next time when you go for any sort of invasive treatment, no matter how minor the procedure is, first check the credential of the doctor.  Because of its vast spectrum from peels, lasers, and surgeries, there is a lot of confusion around cosmetic treatment. With everyone making tall claims via different means of advertisement, it has lead to total chaos. This also sometimes bring a bad name to the profession.

Who is not a Plastic Surgeon?

To be more precise who is not allowed to practice as a plastic surgeon :

  • Doctors with just the basic MBBS Degree
  • Diploma holders in cosmetology or general surgery.
  • Homeopaths and Dieticians

What is Minimum Requirement to practice as a Plastic Surgeon in India?

As of now, there is no regulation in the cosmetic industry regarding who is qualified enough to be a plastic surgeon. If you have an MBBS degree you can practice medicine. Recently the govt of Karnataka has announced that only the doctors with a diploma in dermatology or plastic surgery can perform such a procedure.

From a patient safety point of view who is qualified enough to perform Plastic Surgery

  • A doctor with a three-year degree ( M.Ch. or D.N.B.)in plastic surgery, a course recognized by (Medical Council of India) MCI.
  • Foreign facial plastic surgery degree or diploma is not recognized by the government of India.
  • Certificate or diploma courses in plastic surgery, after MBBS or MD, MS is not recognized by the government of India.

Though the courses are recognized by MCI its the duty of Government and local authorities to keep an eye and regulate the practice. In the recent years, a lot of people has opted for the course and have started their practice. A lot of them are not doctors or they are doctors in areas like homeopathy and Ayurveda. This main drawback is that you just need to be a doctor to opt for this course. A lot of dentists to have done this course.

Also, there should be a thorough check on portals like Practo and Lybrate about who they should advertise as a Plastic Surgeon.

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