What are Fat Injections? Can they be an alternate to Silicone Breast Implant for Breast Enhancement !

Fat injections or fat grafting or Autologous Fat Transfer is a new reconstruction technique, that has eliminated the use of implants. In fat injection, fat tissue is removed from the body parts like thighs, belly, and buttocks by liposuction. This tissue is then processed into liquid and injected into the breast area to recreate the breast.

Over the period of time, breasts lose their shape and firmness due to lactation, aging or weight loss. Fat grafting can lift-up as well re-shape the sagging breasts by harvesting fat from other body parts. In past, there were worries that the fat might create hindrance in the detection of early breast cancer on breast X-rays (mammograms), but now it is considered absolutely safe.

Advantages of Fat Injection or Fat Grafting

  1. Fat Grafting can be considered a relatively  “safer” procedure since it doesn’t involve major surgery.
  2. This technique creates more natural curves of breast out of small saggies compared to the old method of silicone implants.
  3. The fat-graft-reconstructed breast has some sensation and feels soft, much like the other unreconstructed breast.
  4. The injected fat might get be reabsorbed by the body after the procedure. This results in a reduction of the size of the breast, so a second touch -up session is required.
  5. If a patient have some breast irregularities after undergoing a breast augmentation with silicone implants, such irregularities can be filled in with fat injection to produce a smooth contour and an optimal shape.