How oxygen facials can help rejuvenate the face adding a youthful glow

It has been a celebrity pre-red carpet go-to treatment for a while now, Oxygen facials work by infusing this vital element into the skin along with other essential vitamins, giving a plumper, more youthful appearance. Dr Jaishree Sharad, dermatologist and CEO, Skinfiniti Aesthetic Skin & Laser Clinic explains, “All our body cells need oxygen to sustain life and vitality of function.

Oxygen therapy is based on this principle. Here the skin is refreshed with an oxygen jet, this delivers concentrated oxygen with pressure on the skin the penetration is hence enhanced. This removes metabolic products more efficiently including the dead cells from the surface of the skin and hence the skin seems fresher.

“It’s like spraying the skin with a magic elixir of life. Next up a vitamin serum is applied on the face and a mesoporation device is used. This device helps open channels in the skin through which the absorption of vitamins and hyaluronic acid solutions would be enhanced. The end result is a rejuvenated and smooth look with reduced fine lines and open pores.” Adds Dr Jaishree. One of the main reasons for the popularity of this facial is that it helps to conceal the imperfections albeit temporarily, lending a more radiant finish. This procedure can be done every 15 days. It is also safe for all skin types as it is a non-invasive treatment. Expect to pay around Rs 8000 per session.

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